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Last winter, when I came to see these guys for their holiday photos, we realized we were both due with our second child on the same day – very cool. Their beautiful daughter was born just five days before mine, and I got to go meet her on Friday and spend some time with them.

Her big brother G just loves her little toes. I love this moment:
9124 by you.

Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s only four weeks old, and just lovely already:
9049 by you.

A sweet cuddle with her pretty momma:
9218 by you.

The tender big brother moments during the shoot were so wonderful:
9158 by you.

And of course in a pretty party dress:
8891 by you.

We couldn’t forget that big brother G is turning 3 soon. I’ve been taking his photos every six months since he was a chubby adorable baby like his sister. And now he’s just such a big handsome boy!
8926 by you.

I like this family shot – Dad and G are watching their sweet new baby girl, and Mom is watching her sweet boy be fascinated by his sister.
8973 by you.

And last of all, the girlie fell asleep at the end of the shoot and curled up under her fists… I love the way the light almost glows around her in this shot.
9184 by you.

Wonderful as always to see you guys! All the rest of your pictures will be done ASAP 🙂

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