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This sweet girl (with the best tush!) was doing such a good job holding her head up – look how much fun she’s having:
7218 by you.

And the other baby still loves giving Daddy kisses. I love the way M is looking up at her dad to see what he thinks of the licks:
7077 by you.

And a sweet quiet moment with mom:
6981 by you.

The delicate fingers on her belly are one of my favorite parts of this picture… that and the rolls on the ankles… and the sweet space between her big toe and the other toes on her feet.. OK, I guess I should stop – I do love this, though:
6989 by you.

And a pensive girl looking up as she gets some love from mom and dad:
7109 by you.

Three generations of girls:
7194 by you.

There was a ton of love in this house! Love this cuddle. So wonderful to meet you guys – thanks for having me out!
7055 by you.

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