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I’ve been taking pictures of this little beauty since she was only a few weeks old – and it was so much fun to see her again last week. She’s just so full of joy and fun – singing all the time, grinning – I loved seeing her. The chucks were pretty fantastic, too:
7061 by you.

With her family:
7177 by you.

Do you love the joy?
7131 by you.

And I never include three family shots on the blog, but I had a hard time choosing between these ones. So nice, eh?
7205 by you.

And yes, this little warm-blooded lady had to take her dress off for sandbox time. It was seventy degrees on this October day! All your photos are just about ready, guys. Great to see you again!
7247 by you.


  • serahrose
    Oct 16 2008
    Thank You. We love them. You've captured Avi's true spirit, as always.

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