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3 1/2 year old R and his mom also met me on that Gloucester beach on Tuesday (I always love to book multiple shoots in one location when the location is far away from me), and we had fun running around on the sand all together:

2574 by you.

Low tide, running to a cool little dock:

2549 by you.

Digging with the best shovel ever:

2606 by you.

Chasing seagulls:

2597 by you.

And giggling:

2631 by you.

So it’s my farewell to summer photoshoots – the end of beach sessions for New England, probably… bring on the fall.  Yikes!  Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody.  This shot seemed fitting as a farewell.

R, it was great to see you again, and I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your day at the beach.

2625 by you.

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