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I’m in a Father’s Day mood because I’ve spent much of the past few days designing Father’s Day photobooks – so I’m sorry if this is a bit early… but isn’t this the best daddy moment? The girls thought their dad was just too hilarious.

I met these girls when they were teenie little 8 week old cuties last fall, and now they’re gorgeous nine month old ladies. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love 9-10 months old photoshoots, and this one had fun times two.

4336, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

I should introduce you. First of all, this is B, and she’s got eyelashes to beat the band.

4392, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And here’s S, also sporting some killer eyelashes.

4410, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Their dynamic together is fantastic. Doesn’t it look like they’re sharing a great secret here?

4205, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

4206, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

B with dad… love the chin pat.

4247, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And S with mom, loving the belly zrr-burt (sp?).

4255, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

S is showing off her tummy time skills here…

4298, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Even the battles were adorable.

4305, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And a family picture to compare to the one from seven months ago. Here’s now:

4276, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And here, at 8 weeks old last fall:

9512, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Great to see you guys again! All your photos will be finished by this time next week.


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