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I’ve been taking pictures of T since he was just a little guy, and it’s so fun to see him playing with M now! Just after she was born we did a shoot, and T was so amazing with her… just such a gentle, sweet brother, I loved it. I’ll post one from that shoot below. And then before that we’d done one last xmas when mom was pregnant with M, and we had lots of fun playing outside. Going back and seeing how families grow and change is one of the best best best parts of doing what I do.

3347, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

When M was just 5 weeks old, and T was 3, earlier this year, I got to come meet her for her first photoshoot. I can’t say it enough – I love love taking pictures of big siblings with their new baby brothers and sisters. Their interactions are just so amazing. T was so gentle and sweet with his new sister.

291, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And this is from last xmas, back in 2006, when M was still in her mom’s belly, we played outside a bit. I always have such fun with these guys.

295, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And can’t forget T, back in the day at the Janie & Jack store photoshoot in Spring ’05 in my silver washtub with that yellow rubber duck. His little curls behind his ear and those lashes… you can see how much M already looks like him – I love it!

To find out more about these studio-style photos that I do twice a year, visit this page of my website.

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