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Milton, MA Family Photographer – A summer minishoot at Turner’s Pond

My Turner’s Pond minishoots are becoming super popular for families who live around Milton, MA – it’s such a beautiful location, and the parking is easy… no traffic… nothing wrong with the ones I do in the Public Garden, don’t get me wrong, but these ones are so easy for everybody! And the best part for me is, running around being a family photographer at this time of year is such a joy. There’s so much excitement to document when the weather is as beautiful as it’s been.

(More info about these minis is up on my website on the Turner’s Pond Minishoots page.)

I’m going to tease you guys and just share this one photo from the session – we got SO many great ones, but this one will give you a taste of the sweetness that is this family.

Turner’s Pond pictures with the whole family, even if we live in two houses

I’m honored to have been taking pictures of this cute face since he was just mere days old. This time we met at Turner’s Pond for pictures on Sunday (when the Walk for Hunger downtown kept us from doing our Public Garden Minishoots – ugh!).

But that didn’t matter to this guy. I mean, look at that GRIN.

And even if his mamas don’t live in the same house anymore, isn’t it so supremely cool that they’d book back-to-back minishoots at Turner’s Pond with me so that we could do lots of pictures of this cute face with each of his moms?

Because there’s no shortage of love and hugs and cuddles and squeezes happening around here. No shortage at all.

And you know what else is cool? Getting a pic of everybody together. Because why not? And also, because MOTHER’S DAY is in four more days! #mominthepicture

Yay for mamas who love their babies above all else.

And if the geese attack, this guy’s gonna just get rid of them with his friendly smile.

Hi there, Goose!

Milton MA Family Photographer – Minishoots at Turner’s Pond are pretty fantastic

I met these guys at Turner’s Pond a few weeks ago and I keep meaning to blog their session – so sorry for the delay! I just adore Turner’s as a minishoot location – not only because it’s close to where I live, but also because the backdrop is just perfection for minis. Parking is easy and it really couldn’t be more beautiful, any time of year.

But without further ado… here’s Ms. A and her fantastic parents:










It all just worked

Something was in the air two weeks ago when we had this photoshoot. I don’t know what it was, but even as I was shooting it, I knew it was all just working. The weather was incredible, sparkling off the pond… The subjects were two sweet sisters I’ve been shooting for four or five years – and this was the first time we did a location shoot. I was worried the mean geese would show up at our duck pond, but no, the ducks were the only ones who showed up…
8579 by you.

The girls did some running for me:
8731 by you.

And bubble blowing:
8679 by you.

And wagon rides:
8648 by you.

Even some tow rides in the wagon:
8752 by you.

Big beautiful sister A:
8847 by you.

Little lovely sister K:
8839 by you.

And then, just when we thought the shoot was over… (the girls were kind of losing it…)
8760 by you.

Mom swept in:
8822 by you.

And with a little crazy tossing and spinning, all was right with the world:
8818 by you.

The girls even blew me kisses as I was leaving. I told you. It all just worked. Great to see you guys as always!

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8895 by you.