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Tuesday tip: Kids are breaking down! Give yourself five extra seconds.

When they’re your own kids you’re photographing, I know (from experience) that you’re tempted to put the camera down when it (inevitably) dissolves into chaos. When the breakdown begins, count five seconds extra – let yourself shoot those couple of extra frames before you get involved. You won’t necessarily win any parenting awards (do they even give those out, though?) but maybe you’ll get a perfect picture. And mayhem is fun to remember, too.

Tuesday tip: Splash up a storm

These sunny days of summer allow for fast shutter speeds that capture water droplets in a super-cool way. Find a shady spot in the yard (sun is fun too if you’re ready for a little more challenge) put your camera in manual mode and tell it you want it to do 1/400th of a second for shutter speed or something like that… (if you’re in the shade on a nice sunny day, choose an ISO of 400 or so to give you more wiggle room with shutter speed). Your camera’s metering will tell you what aperture works best for where you are, and then let ’em SPLASH!
Tricia - July 11, 2012 - 4:31 pm

Who is that bald cutie? What a difference a year makes! :)

Tuesday Tips Gallery, first half of 2012

Tuesday tip: Let things slow down and get quiet

A general rule for me and baby/toddler photography has to do with speed – I find that doing shoots quickly makes it easier on everybody.  I don’t think children enjoy having someone follow them around with a camera for hours at a time  – be you the parent or the photographer.  So I like to get in and get out, and do a lot of different kinds of pictures in a short period of time.

It is important to break your own rules sometimes, though – because slowing down and letting everybody get quiet can sometimes allow the most beautiful, sweet moments to occur.  And really, it’s not me making decisions about how photoshoots progress – it’s the tiny subjects who make all the real decisions.  And that’s a good thing.

Tuesday tip: See if you can tell more than one story

Think about all the corners of your picture. Maybe include two stories in one image — pull back a bit to capture more of what’s happening in the room. Maybe a sibling is doing a dance in the background, trying to get your attention. Including that in your picture could tell an even more robust story than the one you were going to tell originally.

Tuesday tip: Scrapes, bruises…

Just take the picture.  Take it – scrapes, bruises and all.  Because if you wait until they’re bruise and scrape free, you might miss something.  And you know what? You might even like the unedited version of the picture better.  You might like remembering what it looked like before you played on your computer in Photoshop and edited out all the injuries.

Because this – this is the memory.  (Then you can print the edited one for your mother…)

Tuesday tips: Pups and babies

Get your camera ready, this one will be quick – and you’ll need an assistant. You get into position, and get the pup somewhere comfy (the bed? the couch?). Now get the assistant to put your kiddo in next to the pup, and you shoot like mad. Never know what you’ll get, but your assistant needs to be ready to scoop up the little person if things get too licky/scratchy/fun :)