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07 18 2014

The ladies, a few years later

So I first met nearly 10 year old K when she was just a few months old (eek!) and then I came back and met four year old S when she was just a few months old... and a couple of weeks ago I got to come back and blow bubbles and...

09 25 2013

A last burst of summer...

OK, I'm anticipating my Public Garden Minishoots this weekend, looking ahead at a wonderfully busy fall, but what better to do when fall is upon us -- let's take a few minutes remembering summer fun.  I've taken forever to blog...

09 10 2013

Three gorgeous generations of women

I'm back! So sorry for the blogging hiatus, guys - I underestimated how tough it'd be to end August and begin September without camp or childcare arranged, so I had to cut out blogging all the families I was editing in that...

07 09 2013

Twin lovelies

Yikes, correction! When I first posted these pics I mentioned that these two had been in the NICU in the early days of their life and I was completely wrong. (No excuses allowed! But I realized I had just spoken to another family...

02 15 2013

Mama, Mimi and the twins

You guys know me, I always post too many favorites when I take pictures of twins. I just love them - and these two girls were just too much fun.  They were both born tiny, back in mid-November, but came home from the hospital...

05 11 2012

Sisters, and a pop of color

So I know, I know, I market my whole business around black and white photography.  I love it the most - I love the way it lets children's personalities shine... The way it lets light take charge in a photo and outline action...

05 10 2012

Grandma and Papa were in town

So these two fabulous sisters live here in Boston and Rhode Island, respectively.  And their parents don't.  So when Grandma and Papa came to town, they stayed in a nice hotel downtown - so we met there last Saturday morning...

11 08 2011

Soooo embarrassing

There definitely comes a point when what I ask my clients to do shifts from "fun, quick and crazy" to "soooooo embarrassing". When this happens depends on the kid, but in this case it happened for 7 year old Z about ten minutes...

11 08 2011

Four sets of incredible eyes

I've adored documenting these guys as their family's expanded over the years.  Now they've got these four sets of eyes that make for such incredible pictures! Just the twins: And in no particular...

10 27 2011

Beautiful ladies growing up

It's been many many years with these two beauties, and this year they seem really old at 9 and 7.  Gorgeous, poised, and mature little ladies :) Wheeee With their lovely...

10 13 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #4

Got to see these two lovelies for the second time this year.  I love how big sister is peering over to see what her little sister's got here... (love this one... wish I had this kind of pic of me with my two girls) Silly big...

09 28 2011

Sister support

It's been a year since I saw these sweet girls, and I love what buddies they've become. I'm just a sucker for sisters. Lemme introduce the ladies - first, in calm moments. Big girl G, with her model-perfect hair. And...

09 20 2011

Cuties from across the pond

I am loving this family shot - it's hilarious and loud and loving all at once. Met these two beauties last week during their visit to see their grandparents from overseas.  They had such fun playing by the pool: Decorating...