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Trains, trains, trains

Fun game! If you see the smallest brother in the photo, you can play a fun little game of find the train :) He was in the mood to hold on to Thomas the Tank Engine during the photos, and why not? He’s holding on tight to him in every single photo.

I adore this of the three of them most of all:

Wonderful to see you guys as always! I feel like we need to update your family retrospective video to include these. Or we’ll just think of these as the first installment in the next video we can make for you guys in a few more years. ;)


Three having fun in the late afternoon sun

The colors outside make me have to blog in color once in a while this time of year.

(FYI – as always, families get every photo from me in both b&w and in color, but sometimes the late afternoon sun makes the light just warm everything right up and I have to show some color pictures on the blog and on Facebook, even though b&w will always be my one true love.)

So much fun to see you guys again – I can’t quite believe everybody’s getting so OLD (and um, I’m referring to the kids – because those of us who graduated together from Conn College just a few years ago aren’t aging a bit). The KIDS are getting OLD, though, man.

Oh, and I love the attitude on Ms. A. She’s killin’ it.

Grandpa and swiiiinnnnnngs

I spend a lot of time with families that I know really well – and I adore that. I’m so lucky to be invited back to families’ homes year after year, and to watch their kiddos get bigger and taller every year.  So it’s actually a rare fun treat for me to arrive at a new family’s home and get to meet entirely new kids and parents.  And sometimes we get a bonus granddad who’s willing to run around chasing kids in the backyard, too. Because what’s better than that?

Fall Public Garden Minishoot #2

I’m doing two minishoot days in the Public Garden this fall, and these guys were the second family of about twenty that I’m meeting there for fun running around. The first day (back in late September) I had a sold-out day of 11 families, and there’s another one in late October where we’ll have a load more. All the details about minishoot days can be found at this link on my site.

(Oh, and to streamline my process this fall, I’ve decided not to do blog posts for all of my shoots – I’m just going to do the shoots that people specifically request that I blog.)

So lucky me, these guys asked me to blog their session! I’ve know big boy D since he was a tiny newborn baby, and same with his gorgeous sis G. Now they’re both big runaround kids :) The public garden was fantastic for them and their energy.

North End adventures

I loved getting to play with these guys ALL over the North End a couple of weekends ago.  Little C was hosting his cousin from Chicago for a visit, which meant we got to get cousin playing pictures, which I always love.  Also, bonus for me – our walk around the North End included their favorite bread bakery, their favorite chocolate shop… need I go on…?

But we started at home, for a little quick playtime:

And giggles of course:

Then we literally RAN everywhere. Once in while these two stopped for a breath – like here, in a hiding spot that I loved:

The kids got a whirl on the merry go round:

Sisters got hugs:

Kids got wet in the fountain, because that’s AWESOME:

Giggles never stopped the whole time, of course:

And we ended up at C’s favorite chocolate shop, as I mentioned – and they even gave me one. DELISH.

Miss G agreed.

Really fantastic to spend this time with you all!


Three on a beautiful September morning

What a morning we had last Sunday! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I adore September photoshoots.  The weather is just insanely gorgeous this time of year.

And who better to spend the morning with than these three – big boy F is even able to stand with the help of his big brother and sister. Just perfect.

One more color burst for you today

So I had to show you these ones in color, too. See my last post for waaaayyyyy too much information about my thoughts about color, b&w, etc. :)

These guys just bought a new house this summer – congratulations! This meant they had a big beautiful yard full of leaves, perfect for throwing.  The shot with the leaves flying and mom and dad both smiling at H just gives me chills.  Adore it.  That and the one where the long piece of grass came into the side of the frame and caught the camera’s focus, so mom and H went into the background a bit, as she tickled him like crazy? Perfect. And don’t even get me started on the ones where they’re lying in the leaves – H looking up at Dad with the best smile ever, and then when they all three agreeably lay down in the leaf pile, nice clothes and all – but smiling and just giving off this glowy, happy family vibe, all over the place? Awesome. Thanks for a fantastic shoot, guys. Congrats again on the new house :)

A burst of color

Those of you who know my work know that I’m a black & white kinda gal.  I love stripping color out of a moment, letting light, and expressions, and emotion tell the story.  I know we all love to see the pink in our children’s cheeks and the color of those eyes… but when a picture is in color, I find that our first inclination is to experience the color.  After we soak in the color, we are able to start seeing the kids, the story, the fun…

But, everybody’s allowed to change it up, right? Once in a while the day outside (when I’m blogging) is too gloomy, too wet, too gray.  I’m having one of those days, and the two blog posts I’m going to do this morning are going to perk me right up.  And I trust that all you guys will be able to look beyond the (INCREDIBLE) color in these photos and see the joy – the very essence of boy-ness – that bursts out of these two cutie pies.  This post also gives some nice examples of the difference between an in home session (this one was an in-home session) and a mini-session.  I know I blog a lot of mini-sessions in the Public Garden each year, but the majority of my work is still in families’ homes.  With minis we don’t have as much time to get the variety of photos that you see here.

All that color/b&w talk aside, just to be clear – I do always provide all the photos from every session in both b&w and color.  I tend to adore the b&w indoor shots (especially when it’s babies we’re looking at) but I do appreciate the color outdoor shots (especially when children are old enough to walk and play outdoors).

So, enough yapping. I adored seeing these guys again – the last time was when C was still in his mama’s belly.  And the tree in their yard?  Gorgeous-o yellow with mama’s pops of red in the clothes. Good on ya.

Amanda - November 7, 2012 - 8:39 pm

My favorite is the one with both boys on the couch.

Maria - November 7, 2012 - 8:57 pm

I agree! Handsome little guys on couch with happy faces :D

Public Garden Mini-shoot #8: Goofball-a-rific

I have been taking pictures of these two for years and years – I met them back when M was in her mama’s tummy, actually.  In fact, I swore I’d seen an expression like I captured the other day before… and then I remembered.  M’s been making this face for a while.  See what I mean in the screenshot from my website’s homepage – they’re featured, five years ago :)

I love these guys, and I (as always) can’t believe they’re getting so big!

Public Garden Mini-shoot #6: Run!

And here’s my last peek into blogging for the night – these guys asked for a quickie blog post and we had such fun I had to oblige.  And just for good measure (because the mama in this family and I go way back) I’m fulfilling one of her requests with the jumping photo.  See, when they showed up for their shoot we laughed about how her husband had hacked her Facebook account that morning and had asked her friends chime in by singing his (dad’s) praises. She told me I had to get a bad picture of him and include it so she could use it against him.  Never one to let a challenge go unmet, I’m doing you a solid here, Julie, with the jumping picture.  I think it’s just soooo funny that in this particular moment the only one who’s caught any air is dad.  It just makes me smile.  Josh – don’t hate me! :)

8 years in… still perfecto

I just looked it up and realized this is my 8th year shooting L&W – I started when L was three and W was one.  Now look at them! L is climbing trees and channeling Katniss (she’s read the whole series three times) and W is sporting the adult teeth (but still able to be scooped up by Dad, luckily).  The one on the swing with both of them peeking through their swinging feet is so cool.

Just adored seeing you guys as always. :)

What’s the loudest noise you’ve ever heard?

I know what mine is.  I gave these guys a challenge: see if you can wake the neighbors (they’re one of my neighbors, so I knew I’d hear about it later), and boy did they.  Truly some of the loudest hollering I’ve ever heard.  Good on you, guys.

Twin (nearly) seven year old boys and their two and a half year old brother – they were ready to have fun. I love Mom’s face in the tickle picture (we turned the tables and the boys tickled their parents).  That and all the pretty pond/duck pictures… can’t go wrong with all that nice reflection.

It was so fun running around with you guys!

klaus - November 20, 2012 - 4:07 pm

please start mass producing such cuties

Spring Public Garden Mini-session #12

I can’t tell you how often, when attempting to get three kiddos to look in the same direction, I end up with photos like this.  I ADORE this so much – it’s perfect.

The two year old twins…

And their big brother:


Loved seeing you guys again!

Auntie Bev - August 28, 2013 - 2:18 pm

Katie….this is the perfect family picture……love it!

Spring Public Garden Mini-session #7

Catch me if you can! (love the tongue on big brother C) :)

What handsome dudes!

Little brother X:

And big brother C (do you believe the eyelashes on these guys?):

Feeding the ducks:

Wonderful to meet you guys!

Stef - May 5, 2012 - 7:37 am

Awesome pictures!!!!!!! Colin and Xavier are the handsomest little guys!