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New Baby’s First Year Coffeetable Albums

I swapped out my vendor for the Baby’s First Year coffeetable albums and I think you’re going to LOVE the new books. Of course I can still make the old style books if you prefer, but look how fantastic the new books are.

They’re beautifully linen covered, with an imprinted title:

We can fit up to 60 photos in the book, which means we can really tell the story all of your photoshoots from your Baby’s First Year package. The new books are also a lot more flexible with the designs/layouts, which makes it really fun for me…

And ooh, fun, you can watch the video where I turn the pages of this album:

You can also flip through all the page layouts, just in case you’re curious about what kind of photos I take in my Baby’s First Year photoshoots.

Let me know what you think!

New Coffeetable Albums

This is exciting, you guys. I’m swapping out my vendor for my photobooks and I think you’re going to really dig these new books. Here’s the photobooks page on the (new! improved!) BBP website with all the information/pricing.

Of course I can always make you one of the old style of books to match the books you’ve been making with me for years, but new stuff is fun so I want you to check these out.

Look how elegant. Linen covered. Imprinted with your title.

Wait, what’s the Annual Plan? (Two shoots within a nine month period, one at home and one as a minishoot on location somewhere. My Annual Plan #2 and #4 come with one of these books included.)

The layouts for the new books are awesome, and they lay flat so I can make photos spread across two pages (yes, this is COOOOOOOOL).

More info about the Annual Plan is here, and all the coffeetable book details are here.

Introducing shiny, gorgeous metal prints!

I’m excited to take some time here to introduce my new metal prints.

Last month, when I introduced my Jess-visits-your-house-anytime-from-January-to-June-and-makes-wall-hanging-recommendations-and-brings-all-your-years-of-BBP-photos-on-her-laptop-so-you-and-she-can-drink-coffee-together-and-look-at-photos-of-your-babies (aka “Wall Consulting“) meetings, the response was absolutely extraordinary. (Why, oh why did it take me so long to offer this? I adore sitting back and digging through old photos with you all. It’s just the best possible thing to do in my slower season.)

At these meetings I get to bring my samples from the product line I introduced in January, the Frames by BBP Collection, so you can touch and feel them while I’m there. (Tee hee, even just linking to them here on the blog so you can see the photos of the frames means I can hear you all sucking your breath through your teeth and saying,”Oooh, I like those frames. They’re simple… elegant. Clean lines. Niiiiiice. And not too expensive… Hmmm…”)

Now I continue to offer my wrapped canvases (and of course my loose archival prints) but now I’m excited to also be offering these extraordinary metal prints. (I’ve got a whole page on my website about them, too.)

More about Metal Prints

Metals are an extraordinarily clean, simple, modern way to display your BBP artwork. Here are some I made last month for a client:

metal prints

metal prints

metal prints

metal prints

metal prints

metal prints

metal prints

metal prints

And now, to help as you think about it, I’ve created a price comparison chart, showing how the metals compare to my loose prints, my framed prints and my canvases. If you’re on your phone or this is too much information for right now, a nice simple pricing list is also posted on my prints and products page. But if you want to compare sizes/prices, here’s the full chart:

Want to put some metal prints in your house? Send me an email or check out my schedule online to find a time for a wall consultation before I stop doing them in June. (I only do wall consulting meetings from January-June each year.)

Hope to see you soon!

:) Jess