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Scituate MA Family Photographer – K&C go crazy

So their mom was bummed when I showed up and they’d already set up the bounce house for this guy’s 3rd birthday party. She was worried about it being an eyesore in the photos. Never! We must enjoy! Time to BOUNCE!





Luckily we still had time to zip down to their local beach and get some shots there. Because obvi.






20161008-img_1850Always delicious, fabulous energy at this house. Thanks guys, as always!20161008-img_1833

Three cousins turn one

A couple of weeks ago, three cousins, all with birthdays a few weeks from each other, turned one.  I’ve said it before, but I find that birthday parties are best photographed in color.  So although I usually love b&w best… here are some color party shots.  The families enjoyed some delicious food:
3182 by you.

And they were lucky enough to kick off their 2nd year of life with some of the most gorgeous cupcakes I’ve ever seen! (And I just found out their mom is a pro – here’s a link to her cupcake company.)
3435 by you.

And then the three birthday cuties enjoyed their cupcakes:
3510 by you.

There was the first lovely 1 year old L:
3594 by you.

With her twin older sister and brother:
3301 by you.

And the second beautiful birthday girl, A:
3129 by you.

And the third handsome birthday boy, J:
3468 by you.

And everybody enjoyed the bounce house. Thanks for having me, guys.  All your photos are almost finished!
3534 by you.

Fun Baby Naming Festivities

I’ve been taking pictures of these guys for a couple of years now, and I was honored to be asked to take photos at their youngest daughter’s Baby Naming on the Cape last weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, I find that childrens’ parties just cry out for color photos – hence the color shots you see here. Little B was an absolute dream for the whole party:

0797c.jpg by you.

Her big brother J tried out the waterslide before the rest of the revelers arrived:
0641c.jpg by you.

Fun inside the bounce house:
0685c.jpg by you.

B with her grandma during the ceremony:
0855c.jpg by you.

Delicious eats:
1006c.jpg by you.

And this is one of my favorite shots of the day. Two cuties hiding up in the waterslide having a private giggle:
1057c.jpg by you.

It’s really impossible not to get fantastic pictures at a really fun party like this!
1072c.jpg by you.

And one more shot with the gorgeous 13 month old girl of the day. Thanks again for having me. Your photos are just about ready!
1096c.jpg by you.