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Dedham, MA Twins Photographer: Tub time is the best time

I was on my way home from a morning photoshoot on Saturday and I texted my sister, to ask her if she wanted me to get her anything from the Home Depot near her house. (They have the BEST plants, btw…) She said no, but she was making a sandwich and did I want one… yes, obviously, and she said I should let myself in when I got to her house because she’d be giving the babies a bath when I got there. I said, “Oh, dude WAIT! I have my camera in the car. If you wait I’ll document the bath.”

So she waited.

And I’m glad.

Because I love nothing more than tub pictures. (Hence the Messy-Face-Tub-Time minishoots I just introduced.)

But that’s neither here nor there. For now… just take a look at the awesomeness of this 18 month old niece/nephew/4 year old big sister team.

Do I need to say it again? I’ve said it before, but wet, happy children are REALLY fun to photograph.

Is it a Cake Smash or a Smash Cake Photoshoot?

Big news! I just added my version of a “Cake Smash” Photoshoot as a $250 minishoot option onto my website.

The BBP answer to the Cake Smash Phenomenon

So I’m sure you’ve heard of it out there in the world. You’ve probably seen the adorable studio photos lots of photographers like to do — white backdrops, messy babies completely surprised and enjoying destroying their first birthday cake — just an insanely fun mess. The classic “cake smash” (or is it “smash cake”?) photoshoot. Well, I’m not into studio stuff, so this is my way of doing it.

I now offer “Get Messy, Take a Bath Minishoots” at your house!

Well, here’s what I’d like to do instead, and you tell me if you think it’ll be fun.

I’m calling my new offering “Get Messy/Take a Bath Minishoots”, and they’re 20 minute minishoots, at your house, for $250. And you get a framed print of your choice after the shoot. Cool, eh? 

CHECK it out. All the details are on the new website here.

I do have a few rules, though.

  1. No fancy clothes. You’re getting messy. Clothes are extraneous. Bare bellies or clothes you don’t mind getting covered in food are best.
  2. No posing. Nobody looking at the camera, k?
  3. The first 10 minutes we’ll be eating something messy (provided by you – whatever you think your little person will enjoy – doesn’t need to be a cake to smash, could be avocado and blueberries, whatever) and getting completely covered in it.
  4. The second 10 minutes will be our getting clean pictures. Usually in the tub, but sometimes in the sink. Also could be with a hose in the backyard, whatever’s fun.

And then, after you’re completely covered and messy (aka 10 minutes after we start)…

And that’s it! I designed these sessions for babies, but really any children who still like to get messy and then cleaned up in a tub or with a hose outside will be great for this.

It’ll be amazing. Seriously. Read all the details here.

And if you think your bathroom’s big enough, call some friends…




Milton MA Baby Photographer – My goodness, I love bathtime photos

I am going to tease you with these first few photos because you’re not really going to believe how adorable this little girl is when I show you her face. So I’m starting with her 13 month old arms. Because wrist rolls? Knuckle dimples? People, we got it all here.


Climbing skills?


GA! Told you!!




I just adore this exchange of expressions with Mama:


And now, because you haven’t gotten enough adorableness – it’s tub time.






And some snuggles with Grandma, of course.




Just adored every minute of this shoot, guys. Thanks so much for having me.

Four of ’em, daring to be true

Around the holidays last year one of my sister’s best high school friends called me and said that she wanted to give a group photoshoot to three of her friends from high school who’d all had babies in the last few years. I got excited right then – couldn’t wait to make this one happen; and this past Sunday it did.

Nothing beats four little mini-Miltonites playing in the water.

This one reminds me of their mamas in the dining hall not too long ago.


So in age order, we had… Ms. J

Mr. G:

Ms. J:

And Mr. M:

Rock band.

So much fun! Love love love.

Double deliciousness

I hadn’t seen these sweets since they were just tiny newborn babies, and now look how big and wonderful they are!

First little miss:

And his highness:

Getting giggles with mama:

The ladies, lunching:

The gentlemen, playing:

Where are the babies??

There they are!

Pensive little lady…

Do you BELIEVE the eyelashes?

Of course we had to end with tub time…

And S’s favorite part of tub time? The ending shower :)

Wonderful to see you guys again!

And in fairness, one more of madame showing off her tooth.  Thanks guys!


Fourth newborn shoot!

I’m so lucky that these guys came back from Arizona for a visit!  They had their first son seven years ago and were living in the Boston area.  We took sweet pictures of him when he was just three weeks old.  Then they moved, but when their second son was just three weeks old, they visited Boston (correct me if I have any specifics wrong, guys – I have a terrible memory) and we got to do pictures at their grandma and grandpa’s house.  Then again for their daughter we did three week old pictures a couple of years later.  Now I got to meet their fourth beautiful baby, take pictures in a sink bath of this little perfect girl – not to mention grabbing a few of all four hanging out together.  Because isn’t this the picture you want printed really huge on a wall somewhere?  I LOVE.

Actually, it’s a toss up.  I might want this one really big if these were mine…

OK, ok, I’ll stop with the body parts. Too much fun.  This one tells a great story, too…

And Ms. J even took her hat off for a few brief moments…

But sorry, OK, back to the matter at hand.  Newborn pictures (at 3 months old as opposed to her siblings’ 3 week old newborn pictures — but c’mon, cut us some slack, here, we’re talking cross-country travel with FOUR kids… the fact that she’s not three years old is beyond impressive to me) so newborn pictures of littlest lady B. Each of them always got a sink bath in their newborn pictures, so Ms. B is no different.  Loving the layout and lighting and expression and clenched fists of this one…

And this one tells a cool story, too.

She loved mama time after her bath.

And daddy giggles too.

And like a dreamy little fourth baby, she fell promptly to sleep after her bath.  What a love!

One tiny asleep foot to top things off.

Wonderful to see you guys again. Are you sure you’re not having more? You make such great ones…

Jessica Lioi - August 2, 2011 - 3:17 pm

As the mom of those beauties, I can’t thank Jess enough for those pictures! We originally went to Sears, what a waste of money. I thought it would be impossible to get a photo of all of them looking in the same direction, never mind looking good but Jessica is magic with the kids. I have to choose between pictures! You are so good at what you do!

kate - August 3, 2011 - 1:04 pm

beautiful pictures of beautiful babies!! nice work to mom jessica and photographer jessica!!! love the 1st one with all the piggies and the one of the two sisters best!!

Courtenay - August 13, 2011 - 1:48 am

What a GORGEOUS family, god you two make some serious cutie-patooties!!! And Juliet with that hat on, what a riot! All the pics are fabulous but I am truly in love with the first one…a family of free spirited kiddos with feet in the air, what better describes a fun filled care free childhood?!? Runner up…the last one. How in the world did you get them all to cooperate? The photographer certainly does work magic!

Jennifer - August 13, 2011 - 11:36 am

Beautiful! The lighting in the one of J and B is amazing – how did you get Miss J to stay still long enough to capture that? I love body part pictures but have to ask what body part of B’s are the hands on in the second one. My children are convinced that it is B’s rear end ;-).

Mike - August 13, 2011 - 12:28 pm

What incredible pictures! Amazing to get all 4 in one place and looking at the camera at the same time! I love the “feet” picture!

Jessica Ammirati - August 19, 2011 - 2:28 pm

Oh My God!!!!! Too adorable for words. Miss you guys and LOVE the shots.
-The other Jess and John

Allison - August 19, 2011 - 3:08 pm

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love, love, love the feet picture!

Brian McNeil - August 19, 2011 - 3:44 pm

Kids are so adorable Jess! It was great seeing you and John at the wedding — hope to see you guys again soon.

Judith Lioio - August 19, 2011 - 5:26 pm

Totally adorable!!!! Really good pics of really beautiful children…OK, I am the grandmother but still…..

Stefanie Delaney - August 19, 2011 - 5:35 pm

These pictures are gorgeous! Of course, the children are beautiful to begin with so that helps! I cannot believe how big G & T are! It has been WAY too long! Miss you all! Big hugs from MA!

Deb Brookings - August 20, 2011 - 8:54 am

These photos capture the true essence of family life…
absolute beauty! There is nothing more important than the connection you have to your children and they to each other. Very moving images. Thank you so much for sharing them.
Miss you guys!

Nana - August 20, 2011 - 12:52 pm

Luv them all, especially Jules kissing baby. I am so proud of my “Grands” !

Sharon - August 24, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Hi Jessica, The pictures are GREAT!!!!!! I want to give them all a Big Squeeze!! Sharon

Sharon - August 24, 2011 - 12:23 pm

Hi Jessica, The pictures are GREAT!!! I want to give themall a Big Sqeeze!!!! SHARON

Autumn England - August 24, 2011 - 12:31 pm

love the foot picture. Sweet, precious, and adorable.


Running adventures

I haven’t seen this gorgeous girl since she was a tiny twelve week old sweet thing, and just look at her 21 month old perfection now:


Running in the kitchen was by far her favorite activity:

She even got into the tub with her blue-jeaned mama for a few splashes for me.

And though it was March in New England, we zipped outside for a few, ’cause… why not?

Wonderful to see you guys again!

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9 months old today

So today marks the day my own baby girl’s been outside in the world longer than she was inside my belly.  I know they say it goes faster on the 2nd child, but SERIOUSly, they aren’t kidding.  Sadie’s first year is flying by – it feels like a blink since she was born.  She got her first tooth last month, and is talkative and hilarious now.  She’s just mastered sitting up and recently started rolling to get gerself places (her sister was crawling at 5 months old, Sadie’s taking her time with it).  She loves her three soft mushy meals a day, and really loves nothing better than her big sister.  Bathtime is unquestionably her favorite time of day, her whole body tenses and she starts jumping as we finish up dinner and head to the bathroom.  She is a delight, each and every day.  Except when she decides it’s party time between 1-4am – which she did for the first time the other night… I think tooth #2 is on its way.

Knuckle dimples!!

Love this.

This is her giggling uproariously face:


My little turtle:


Loving the bath:

Enjoying peas:

Cracking up:

My blue eyed girl. Happy 9 mo bday, sweetheart.

Cilla - February 3, 2010 - 2:24 pm

My goodness, oh so oh so cute!!!

Carolyn - February 3, 2010 - 2:30 pm

How can she be 9 months old already?? She’s so gorgeous. xx

Linds - February 3, 2010 - 3:31 pm

What a beauty! xoxo

Tanya Haney - February 3, 2010 - 8:29 pm

She is getting sooooo big! She is adorable.

marni - February 3, 2010 - 9:58 pm

I just love her. She is beautiful. Happy 9 month bday!

John Meyer - February 4, 2010 - 9:12 am

Greetings, Evan and Jess, Proud “Grandma” directed me to this page. What a cutie, and what beautiful expressive pictures to capture the fleeting moments. Best, John

3 weeks old: Third time’s a charm

This is the third time I’ve visited this family when a child of theirs is 3 weeks old. And she was a charm! How cool to see their babies at this exact stage, one after another. This time I met their first girl, baby J, while her two older brothers went off to a water park with their dad. I missed seeing them, but of course I understood the lure of the park…

Strong neck, as she peeks at her mama:
3661 by you.

And smiling already! Obviously brilliant.
3497 by you.

We have this same picture of one (if not both) of her brothers. Had to snap the yawn again.
3633 by you.

And we always do bath pictures in the sink with these guys… some of my favorite moments with little ones are when they’re getting bathed.
3526 by you.

Reacting to mom:
3583 by you.

And again with the neck control!
3600 by you.

Jess – I think this is my favorite picture I’ve had of you from all the shoots – you just look so serene and calm here. Must be that mom-ming of 3 suits you. :)
3634 by you.

And the two happy girls…

So incredible to get to share this time with you guys again. I hope the move plans have come together, and that you’ll come back to Boston someday for #4’s pictures!

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3631 by you.

Jewel Imaging - August 20, 2009 - 4:54 pm

These are beautiful. I love the last one… they both look so peaceful and happy! And the yawn shot is a classic.

Sweet, and just one month old

When I arrived at baby V’s house yesterday I walked in the door and her poor mom and dad looked nervous. The poor pumpkin had been having a really tough couple of days – gas pain was making her cry almost inconsolably. It was about two months ago that I last saw them for their maternity photoshoot, and I think they were worried we wouldn’t get great pictures if poor V was having a tough time. But I love the moments like this that we got:
3820 by you.

And after some time bouncing on daddy’s knee, I think V’s belly felt better:
3786 by you.

And a little snooze never hurts, too:
3842 by you.

Then we tried a nice warm bath, which definitely did the trick (and made for super sweet pictures):
3918 by you.

Because then the sweet girl seemed much better:
3807 by you.

And even gave us some rare 4 week old smiles:
3938 by you.

I loved getting a chance to meet V and see you guys, thanks so much for having me back. Can’t wait to see her this summer when she even bigger!
3873 by you.

Rules are made to be broken

So I have all these things I recommend to people, like when we take a little light haired kidlet outside, we don’t put them in white, since the white tends to bleach out in the black and white photos. And when parents of one year olds ask about beach pictures, I’ll often suggest we just stay in the back yard, since kids are so much more comfortable in their own space… no big beach bags to pack… etc…

But you know what? Rules, shmules. I’ll show you why we threw the rules out the window in a sec. For now, here’s little baby N just over a year ago, when he was only 11 days old.

274, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And now here he is, at 15 months old:

2651, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

His handsome grin:

2548, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And with his beautiful momma (my freshman year college roommate from 15 years ago, and one of my best friends in the world) and fantastic dad:

2566, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Rule #1 broken – white shirt worked fine in the back yard!

2603, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Getting a lift from dad:

2580, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And here’s the beginning of the breaking of Rule #2… taking a one year old to the beach. How wrong I can be!

2706, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Loving every minute of it!

2679, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And my favorite favorite shot from this morning. LOVE this. Can’t even begin to describe why, but I bet you can guess.

2743, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And last but not least, a boy needs a bath after a sandy naked trip to the beach, you know?

I loved spending the morning with you guys. All your photos will be ready by this time next week!

2784, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Jimmy Fund Studio Day will be Tues, 3/18

I’m doing my bi-annual Jimmy Fund Studio Day on Tuesday, March 18th, and I have fourteen appointments available from 9am – 4:30pm. As usual, 100% of the session fees go to the Jimmy Fund. To reserve a time, you can bid on the different timeslots on eBay. (You can read all the details about the day here, on my website studio page.)

I’ve just launched all the auctions on eBay, and there’s a cool donation tracker where you can track the status of the different bids.

Hope to see you in March!

Gorgeous boy

When I got to A’s house, he had just had a nice warm bath and was getting toweled off – I had to grab a quick shot before he got dressed. Too much!

0565, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Then we got to go outside and play (and Mom and Dad went back a bit to let A have a little quiet time with me). Look at his pensive gaze.

0730, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.