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20 minute mini Archives - Page 8 of 8 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

05 28 2010

Soon-to-be big brother

These guys were my 3rd Public Garden mini-shoot last Sunday, and I didn't even know mom was pregnant before we met up there... so exciting! She looked incredible, and big boy B was adorable and ready to have a great time running...

05 28 2010

Two babies becoming two ladies

I started taking pictures of these two lovelies five years ago when they were just babies.  And now look at them - two gorgeous ladies! These guys were my first shoot in the Boston Public Garden last Sunday for my Ashmont...

05 26 2010

Party of six (and I mean party...)

Pardon the blog title... can you tell I've been watching the finale of Lost as I edit these photos?  I've got Party of Five on the brain (Lost's Jack was Charlie on Pof5 back in the day).  But that's neither here nor there. I...

04 26 2010


Phewf! My 13th and final shoot of the April 11th Public Garden charity fundraiser mini-shoot day was with these two cuties. First of all I have to just say that little brother T in the background here looks so much like his dad...

04 26 2010

Rock and roll! (and a twinkling pond)

For these guys I have to start with one of the last shots we got - the kids doing their "ROCK AND ROLL!" pose, making their parents crack up even though they can't see them... And then go to the other end of the mood spectrum...

04 26 2010

These two have such fun

These guys were in the 11th spot of the day on my charity fundraiser Public Garden family mini-shoot day, and they were incredible.  It was fun for me to meet a new family - and these two kids have such a great time together. ...

04 23 2010

Grumble, grumble... (kidding)

These two were insanely good at playing together and being subjects of awesome pictures.  So good that at one point I had to pose them as uncooperative subjects.  This picture seemed so unlike them, but it still kinda cracks me...

04 23 2010

Group hug

I know the classic family shot has everybody looking at the camera and smiling, but sometimes there's a different kind of photo that steals my heart.  This is one of them - of my 1pm family from the Public Garden mini session on...

04 22 2010

Wahoo! Jump, baby :)

So these guys decided to just do kid pictures at their 11:30am Public Garden mini-session on the 11th - and the kids had a great time together.  I love little sister N giggling at her brothers' antics here: Aren't they a...

04 21 2010

First shot, last shot

I so often find that the first shot I take is a real keeper, something neat... but even more often, it's the last one.  Here's an example of a last shot that I love, love, love.  These three finished up their family photoshoot...

04 21 2010

Zooming around the Garden

This was my fourth mini-shoot on the 11th in the Public Garden - and these three were awesome.  Don't you adore 3 year old L's expression as he races his big brother and sister? If you look quickly, this one almost looks like...

04 20 2010

Daddy and his girls

This Daddy and I have known each other for... oh no, seriously? (as I count on my fingers) this can't be right.  23 years? What am I, filing for social security or something?  Well, we've been friends since middle school, and...

04 16 2010

Two lovely ladies at the Public Garden

This marks the first of a dozen or so Public Garden sessions from last weekend that I'll be blogging over the next couple of weeks.  Sunday was such an incredible day for photos, I had such a great time getting photos of all...