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Wilmington, MA Maternity Photographer: A maternity minishoot at home? Sounds fun!

I’ve had a handful of calls recently about maternity photoshoots (yay for summer babies!) and in more than one of the conversations with the mamas-to-be, we got talking about how maternity photos are just so gorgeous, but when you’re hoping to do photos after your baby is born as well, sometimes it’s hard to justify the expense of doing maternity photos. So then I started thinking – what if I offered a maternity minishoot at home? We could just do a quick little 20 minutes… get loads of pictures…

Lo and behold… my at home maternity minishoot was born

Look how well we did!

20 minutes of beautiful moments – remembering this time in their lives. Don’t you think it was SO worth it? And they get a free framed 8×10 print as part of the package.
Which photo should they choose?

(Oh, if you’re curious, I have lots more information about my new at home 20 minute maternity minishoots on this new page of my website.)

In the 20 minutes we got to be indoors and outdoors, two outfits (it was easy to change because she was at home)… just a really sweet way to remember this time before they became a family of three.

Thank you guys so much for letting me pop over and document you guys at our little maternity minishoot. I’m really excited to meet this sweet new babe in July.

Gorgeous mama-to-be

I got a message from Hong Kong about this pretty mama – one of her very best friends in the world is literally living on the other side of the world these days and needed to see her Jamaica Plain friend’s big round belly, and what better way than to have me take some pictures?

So, without further ado – these are for Jen… isn’t she GORGEOUS??

This one takes my breath away.

These guys have a house full of kitties, and this one wanted to feel the baby kick. Mama kindly obliged.

Good-natured about it, R told me she’d been terribly sick throughout her pregnancy :( — but along with months of nausea came a rockin’ pregnant bod.  I agreed it was important to document the result of all those months of discomfort.

Total goddess, no?

I think they’re kinda excited.

I love the smiles in this one.  Thanks for having me come out, guys!  Can’t wait to meet baby R :)

37 weeks along and glowing

I met Grace and Tony yesterday (Yes, I’m trying to keep up with my blogging for June! It’s a crazy month, but I’m really going to try to blog as soon as I can after shoots…) and got to spend some time taking pictures of these guys in their home and outside at a nearby park. I’m loving this one:
9661 by you.

They had such fun together :) They said this was Tony’s favorite pose in their wedding pictures, too. It’s good to have a theme, I say.
9692 by you.

So many natural, happy moments:
9624 by you.

9642 by you.

And we had a gorgeous day yesterday for sunny park pictures, too:
9765 by you.

See what I mean about the pose? I love Grace’s expression here.
9780 by you.

As we were walking back to their house after the shoot, Tony noticed how pretty Grace looked as he walked behind her, and asked me to take this one. So glad he did! Gorgeous.
9823 by you.

It was so nice to meet you guys – and I can’t wait to meet your little man in a few weeks.

Another beautiful belly

I got to meet the lovely V and her husband last week in their fantastic apartment overlooking the Charles River. The huge windows made for really fun photographs:
2316 by you.

At the time of these photos, V was due in three weeks – I love this of Dad feeling the baby:
2252 by you.

This is one of my absolute faves. I love that you get a sense of place with the city behind them, and at first you almost don’t notice V’s sweet belly popping out in the middle.
2274 by you.

I can’t wait to meet your sweet girl when she arrives. Thanks so much for having me!
2299 by you.

A future best friend for Annie

See that belly there? No pressure on my 2 1/2 yr old Annie, but that belly’s housing her future best friend. I’m only sure of this because the baby’s dad is my husband’s best friend Sasha, and you have to be best friends with the friends your parents choose for you, right? ;)

So I’ve got lots of daddy pictures to post today from this fun session last weekend because Marni (the future best friend’s wonderful momma) needs to choose her Father’s Day photos, and time’s getting tight. Here’s one:

0828, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Love the giggles:

0794, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Did I mention how gorgeous Marni is?

0841, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

1006, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Whispering to the little one:

0955, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

We can only hope the new little one gets mom’s fantastic laugh and smile:

0908, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

Now, for a couple I didn’t know well, I’d say this is the shot to use as a Father’s Day present. It’s sweet, it’s dad talking to the belly…

0872, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

But anyone who knows Sash knows that he’s not yelling in this picture, but singing. And Sash singing is Sash being himself. So this is the one I love best. I hope you enjoy them, too, guys.

0878, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

One last pretty momma pic:

0800, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.

And I have to admit I broke my own “no weddings” rule last year and shot Sash and Marni’s wedding. Weren’t they gorgeous and glowing even back then? And when the baby’s born, I guess we won’t force the best friend thing… but you never know… :)

M & S Wedding, originally uploaded by Boston Baby Photos.