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category: big family groups and events
Boston Kids Birthday Party Photographer
05 16 2018

Boston Kids Birthday Party Photographer

These two girls are joined at the hip - so of course they had to have a combo birthday party again this year. I know the one on the right pretty well… I gave birth to her NINE Mays ago. Yowsa, that flew.What’s better than...

category: baby photos, big family groups and events, fall and winter, family photos
Back Bay Boston Family Reunion Photoshoot
01 10 2018

Back Bay Boston Family Reunion Photoshoot

Well don't you think the historic beauty of Boston's Back Bay is the perfect place to document a family history, too? That, and the weather on this November day couldn't have been better for this Boston Family Reunion...

category: big family groups and events, family photos
Boston MA Bar Mitzvah Casino Party
11 16 2017

Boston MA Bar Mitzvah Casino Party

I was so honored to be there for J’s bar mitzvah at the beginning of November. I have been taking pictures of this guy and his family for over a decade now, so seeing him on this incredible day was an exciting thing for me as...

09 22 2015

The twins at their dol

I have too many photos for you again, I'm sorry to say! I got to attend a truly gorgeous dol jahbi a week or so ago for two fantastic little ladies, and I'm having such a hard time editing the photos down into a nice small...

10 03 2013

North End adventures

I loved getting to play with these guys ALL over the North End a couple of weekends ago.  Little C was hosting his cousin from Chicago for a visit, which meant we got to get cousin playing pictures, which I always love.  Also,...

09 10 2013

Three gorgeous generations of women

I'm back! So sorry for the blogging hiatus, guys - I underestimated how tough it'd be to end August and begin September without camp or childcare arranged, so I had to cut out blogging all the families I was editing in that...

08 31 2012

The whole gang at the beach

I met these four up in Maine on my way to a family vacation (I don't usually get up to Maine for shoots, so this was super fun to shoot on a warm coastal beach up there), and I have to let the pictures speak for themselves here....

06 29 2012

The house where it all began

Back in the mid 70s a young couple bought this house - and I wonder if they ever imagined that more 30 years later, they'd stand out front with their handsome progeny all assembled like this: With just their...

06 28 2012

Everybody's in town, let's capture it!

Once upon a time, many years ago, two parents had two (what I'm sure were) fantastic little boys.  Then those boys grew up and married two fabulous women.  And then, would you believe it, those two original parents got...

05 10 2012

Grandma and Papa were in town

So these two fabulous sisters live here in Boston and Rhode Island, respectively.  And their parents don't.  So when Grandma and Papa came to town, they stayed in a nice hotel downtown - so we met there last Saturday morning...