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It’s Nursery School picture day time of year!

It’s that time of year! This was my 8th annual school photo day at the fabulous Ashmont Nursery School, and I loved it, as always. We shot these photos back in February, but I’m just taking the time to blog them now – aren’t these kiddos just amazingly adorable?

And before I get into the cuteness, I should link over to the page of information about having me come do this at any Nursery School in the greater Boston area – don’t hesitate to reach out if you want me to come do this at your school. I usually do them in January-March, and would love to add more schools into my calendar. It’s free to the school to have me come do it, and parents only pay if they like the photos. Here’s all the information.


Oh, and bring on the siblings! That’s the best part :)




Ea the turtle needed to be documented this year. She’s a big part of the classroom!











My little red car and I will see you next year, ANS!!


Six photoshoots in seven years

This is #21 in my series of Family Retrospective Videos – for more information about this project or to sign up to be added to the list of families who wants one, click this link and scroll down the page through the previous posts back to the first or second one (where I describe it in more detail).

I met these guys in 2005 when Abby was three and a half and Emma was one and a half. I got to come back five more times over the next seven years to see them grow into amazing young women.

And without further ado, here’s a 4 minute video of Abby and Emma’s family with photos from six photoshoots spread over seven years:

(Hint: Start playing the video, and then click on the little gear thing that takes you to “Settings” in the bottom right corner of the video. Choose 720p to make the slideshow play in high-definition. You can also choose “Full Screen” down there in that corner of the video too.)

Ten photoshoots in ten years

This is #20 in my series of Family Retrospective Videos – for more information about this project or to sign up to be added to the list of families who wants one, click this link and scroll down the page through the previous posts back to the first or second one (where I describe it in more detail).

I met these guys in 2005 when Alexa and Wilson were just four weeks old. So many photoshoots since then, I just adore going back and seeing them again and again.

And without further ado, here’s a 6 minute video of Alexa, Wilson and Lila’s family with photos from ten photoshoots over the last ten years:

(Hint: Start playing the video, and then click on the little gear thing that takes you to “Settings” in the bottom right corner of the video. Choose 720p to make the slideshow play in high-definition. You can also choose “Full Screen” down there in that corner of the video too.)

Spring Public Garden Minishoot #8

I met the biggest sister in this family when she was just one, back in early 2005, when I’d only been a professional photographer for two years. And now she’s almost a TEENAGER too…

I’ve loved seeing these guys throughout the years as they’ve grown.


Always fun.











Kim - April 19, 2016 - 9:21 am

These pics are fantastic! Thanks Jess!

Spring Public Garden Minishoot #5

This gorgeous older brother here was one of my first photoshoots from the fall of 2003 – he was six months old when I met him and I’d only been doing photography professionally for about half of a year at that point. He was divine and adorable back then, and still is. His beautiful sister blows me away as well. I love these guys so much for support over the years! So many photoshoots and so much fun watching them grow.

Teenager?? Ga!!?!











Twinsfest, the three month old edition

You know how you get to be part of these online parenting forums and the people there become your friends online and you wonder what it would be like to meet them? Well, when you’re parenting twins (perhaps even more so than singletons?), my sister tells me that the group of people in her “November 2015 twins” Facebook group are just such an incredible resource for her. I remember when I had my first baby how important my online group like this was to me — they were the ones I’d ask just about every age-related question and get so many helpful, relevant answers.

Well when my sister told me she was going to meet a bunch of the other parents and their twins from her online group the other day and would I like to come carry a bucket carseat and hold a baby, how could I refuse? A room full of babies? What makes me happier?

And then (seriously, I am not kidding – I didn’t think of it until) that morning, as I was getting in the car I realized I should bring my camera. Yes! Document this! Of course! Why didn’t I think of this before?

So here are a handful of photos I took on Saturday when these three gorgeous sets of twins and their mamas and helpers met up for appetizers, wine, and a delicious lunch.

Amazing dimples and grins for mamas abounded:


We had six sets of arms and six babies, but sometimes mamas and helpers had to get stuff done, man. (You know, make lunch? Take photos?) That’s the way it is with twins. Sometimes you just need to let them sleep where they land ;). I love this of D next to the wine glass and the half empty bottle!


At one point the boys even had entertainment from this fantastic great-grandma:


Look at this grin!


Oh those twinkling eyes:


Sometimes you’re not totally in the mood to pose for a photo with a crew of your besties, you know? These guys have a lot to learn before they join Taylor Swift’s group of friends and tweet about their #squadgoals while they walk the red carpet together for photos…


Most of the time there were arms enough to cuddle all – and everybody loved it.



It sure was a room full of adorable.


My niece and nephew were totally cool with the bouncy seats while I shot a handful of photos and their mom noshed some dip. Jack would like some of his mom’s dip, though…


Thanks for inviting me to your party, guys! Can’t wait to watch these guys grow up together. More photos next time, I hope!


Zooming and giggling

Went back to see this guy for his six month photos, and oh my goodness the cuteness! I’m so excited they’re doing the Baby’s First Year package because it means I get to come back for more giggles and fun this year.




We did have a few moments of calm, not giggly time. I love that kind of photo too…







Gnawing on a toe can actually hurt, guys…




So fun to see you guys! Thanks for having me out :)


Why always a sleeping baby?

Why do so many baby photographers like to photograph a sleeping baby? They’re sweet, and of COURSE I will happily take photos of your sleeping baby for you. I loved watching my own babies sleep – there’s nothing like listening to them breathe, watching how relaxed they are — I get it. (Posing a sleeping baby – hmmm, that’s probably another blog post for another time. Nothing against it, just not really my thing. Cute, very Anne Geddes, I get it… but I feel like it’s a different art form, honestly. I think of those photos as more of a still life than a way of documenting a new person who just arrived into the world… but I digress…)

So we can do sleeping shots if you’re into it, but I do think once you have those handful of photos of them sleeping, it’s great to move on and show the world who this little person is becoming!

There’s just so much more to document when babies are awake. I mean, just LOOK at this sweet girl. She was snoozing when I arrived, but she eventually woke up and had the best time for her photos.





Wait, are you sure you’re only 4 weeks old? What’s with all the gorgeous smiles?9116

And even when the fuss happened it was adorable.9124

So wonderful to meet you guys! Welcome to the world, little T. Can’t wait to see you for more photos in a few months!


The boys at six month old

We did these photos back in the end of June! It’s the beginning of October! How did I get so behind?? So sorry – and this is crazy because these two boys have the best bellies, the cutest grins – look at these little six month old cutie pies! How could anybody leave them to be unblogged all summer?















Tom Partridge - October 8, 2015 - 2:10 pm

Hide your daughters people of Boston suburbia.

Acacia - October 8, 2015 - 2:13 pm

Amazing photos! I wish we had gotten some of these same angles (especially of their feet!) when we did a three-month old photo shoot last year. Maybe we can get some good 1.5 year old photos? (not sure they’ll sit still haha)

Jen Partridge - October 8, 2015 - 2:29 pm

Beautiful boys. Beautiful family. Gorgeous photos.

Ellie Laramee-Byers - October 8, 2015 - 2:33 pm

I love this set. Your family looks so happy!! Such handsome little critters!

Samantha Adams - October 8, 2015 - 3:36 pm

Gorgeous photos! Handsome little studs, amazing family.

Meg Paine - October 8, 2015 - 4:23 pm

These photos are so great! The boys are gorgeous…ahhhhh I can hardly stand the cuteness!

Ross - October 8, 2015 - 5:23 pm

Beautiful pictures!

Joanna - October 8, 2015 - 7:57 pm

two handsome, happy boys! Great pictures!

Miguel - October 8, 2015 - 8:13 pm

Their dad must be one handsome guy :)

lisa - October 8, 2015 - 8:57 pm

Friggin cute babies! And dog of course :-)

Jess Zeba - October 8, 2015 - 9:20 pm

Adorable, and love the thighs :)

Stephanie - October 8, 2015 - 9:27 pm

Aaaahhh!!! They’re so cute!!! I can’t believe they’re already 9 months old!!! Congrats to the 4 of you!!! Those boys have ridiculously cool parents, their childhood is going to rock!!!

Whitney - October 8, 2015 - 11:30 pm

Love these little buddies!

The twins at their dol


I have too many photos for you again, I’m sorry to say! I got to attend a truly gorgeous dol jahbi a week or so ago for two fantastic little ladies, and I’m having such a hard time editing the photos down into a nice small gallery to show you. So I guess I’ll just show you TONS. A dol jahbi is a Korean first birthday celebration, and this was only the second one I’ve ever photographed! They did it at Shelburne Farm in Stow, so the cake was a gorgeous pile of cider donuts, and the guests got to pick apples in addition to all the party fun.


I’m going to let the photos of the amazing decor and great times speak for themselves from here on out. So much fun to be had!



















All the cousins! It was wonderful to share in your celebration, thank you so much for having me.



Nine photoshoots in as many years

This is #19 in my series of Family Retrospective Videos – for more information about this project or to sign up to be added to the list of families who wants one, click this link and scroll down the page through the previous posts back to the first or second one (where I describe it in more detail).

I met these guys in 2006 when they had me come for photos of their then 2 1/2 year old cutie Will, and the following fall their sweet Charlotte had joined their family too. I’ve loved visiting every fall since then!

And without further ado, here’s a 5 minute video of Will and Charlotte’s family with photos from nine photoshoots over the last nine years:

(Hint: Start playing the video, and then click on the little gear thing that takes you to “Settings” in the bottom right corner of the video. Choose 720p to make the slideshow play in high-definition. You can also choose “Full Screen” down there in that corner of the video too.)

Twelve years of making aht, guys

It’s been 12 years now, peeps. Time makes you think about things, and this year I thought I’d regale you with some tasty tidbits about BBP in general and me specifically. Doing one thing nonstop for twelve years makes for some weirdness. So I thought I’d share some of it, because it’s fun.

Let’s call this…

Eight Unexpectedly Weird Things About Me and My Job

Blackout1) I am strangely well-acquainted with the different styles and (more importantly) functions of window shades. It’s just one of the things I always do – in every room I walk into in every house where I take pictures I open the shades. That’s maybe an average of two to three rooms where we take pictures in every house, maybe an average of two shades in every room, 150-ish photoshoots a year… that’s like 600-900 windowshades/year, over the last twelve years… a conservative estimate of 7,000+ window shades. Ha! Wild. You wonder why I obsessed about getting the perfect ones when we put shades in all our upstairs rooms a few years ago. (Thanks for asking. We got Smith & Noble ones that are gauzey white on the top and opaque white on the bottom, and you can slide the thing all the way down to make them gauzey white over the whole window or slide it all the way to the top to make them opaque blackout shades. I love them.)

2) An addendum to item #1 is that I should also be strangely well-acquainted with baby gates (the same way I am with window shades) because I come into contact with just so many of them in my work. So you’d think I would learn how to open all of them, be a whiz with the different latches, etc., never get stuck behind one, waiting for the parent to come up behind me and step on it or turn some handle… but I’m too tall. I step over them. I’ve never bothered to learn any of them. Well, more accurately, I’ve given up thinking that I’ll ever learn all of them. There are too many different ones, so I just step over them. So that’s a boring one. But side note, as I was thinking about this – do you guys hire child proofers to come into your house for like a couple of hours and do it for you? Because eight years ago when we needed to baby proof, hiring a service like this one was amazing.


3) My knees hurt a surprising amount. Turns out a large part of what I do is best done on my knees, so I crawl around on the floor with a lot of children. Inside, outside, everywhere – and basically, I love rugs. Hardwood and stone floors hurt. But that’s life, and that’s my aht, dahlings. Beauty is painful, my mother used to say (as she pulled my french braids tight). The most questionable business expense my tax guy may (or may not?) have noticed in my books was the wrestler’s knee pads I ordered one year. I was sure they’d be the answer to my prayers. End of that story? Nope. They made my jeans way too tight (have to wear them under, not over the jeans – wouldn’t you think I were weird if I showed up at your front door wearing knee pads OVER my jeans?) and so actually the back of my knee hurt more than the front ever did. Side note, anybody need some knee pads?


4) An addendum to item #3 that just occurred to me? I go through a shocking quantity of jeans each season. Jeans are just one part of my uniform… (I’ll save the full uniform for a future post – pretty much every bit of what I wear to my shoots has been road tested for success – everything I’m wearing is on my body for a reason, and if you’re curious enough, ask me about it when you see me. I’m not sure it’s that interesting to the entire internet to understand which shoes make the most sense for my work and why, but if you’re curious, I’d love to tell you all about it. But I digress.) Suffice it to say all the kneeling referenced in item #3 means I rip through the knees of more than one pair of jeans each season. So posts like this one really help me out (the Old Navy pair she references – the non-skinny version? Amazing). It’s also important to have a backup pair of jeans in the car. Some people tend to eat more during their busy season, and perhaps jeans that are tight and kneeled-in-a-lot might get worn, and more prone to rips… sometimes even in places (like the butt!) that aren’t fun for rips. Or you just kneel outdoors in a wet part of the grass in your first shoot of the day, but then you head to a second shoot of the day to a family’s home where you’re going to be kneeling (on your same dirty, wet knees? no!) on their white bedroom rug. See where I’m headed? Spare pair, people.


5) This is a gross one. If you don’t like discussion of canine bodily fluids, skip this one. But here’s the funny thing. I step in dog poop WAY more than most people. See we like to go outside for pictures, often at the end of a photoshoot, often into a yard that might be used by Fido or Rover more often than it’s used by anyone else. And please, if you have a young child at home, who has time to pooper-scoop? Or maybe you just missed one, no big deal – truly. I don’t judge, I just wear plastic shoes. (See item 4 above – every item I’m wearing I’m wearing for a reason.) The shoes are plastic so I can step in the poop at the end of the shoot and then not really notice it (I always take my shoes off when I go into people’s homes, though, so don’t worry that I’d track it inside after coming back inside from outside. What do you think, this is my first rodeo, people?) and then get in my car to head to my next shoot and notice a smell. That, my friends, is what fast food restaurant bathrooms are for. Too much information? Are you grossed out yet? Sorry. Maybe I should cut this one out. Hmmm. Maybe.


6) I am really good at figuring out complicated doorbell/apartment entry system things. Because guess where a lot of families with their first baby live? In amazing cool old brownstone buildings in downtown Boston with funky weird doorbell systems that require you to scroll through every apartment listing in the entire building using an up or down arrow, until you come upon a listing that looks familiar… and then you have to enter that number somewhere on the keypad… but quickly, or you’ll have to start over… This is hard to explain. And different in every apartment. My biggest success in this area was at an apartment in Southie where I was almost completely stymied… but I persevered… and finally the building intercom thingy started ringing, and after a few rings this dad answered and sounded super confused. I introduced myself and he let me in… but when I got up to the apartment they admitted no one had ever figured out their doorbell before. They always just got cellphone calls when any guests arrived. I’ll admit I felt pretty cool there.


7) Here we are back at bodily fluids. Sorry. But I find in a general sense it’s easier to remove boogers in Photoshop than it is to remove them from an actual child. (And sorry, I’m not getting you a picture of that. Even I have my limits.) So often I see a mom or a dad coming in with a dry* kleenex and I say, no, don’t worry about it – because I can see where a nose wipe can lead. And often that place is not a good place. And rubbing noses can make them red, which is harder to Photoshop than a little booger.

*This theory goes out the window when we wet the Kleenex. I love a wet kleenex. It can fix most things, and if there’s one nearby I say go for it. Wipe away! That won’t make anyone in a bad mood, it won’t hurt their little dry nose, and it’ll clean up the offending booger nicely. No red noses afterward, all is good. But you know what’s not worth it? Waiting for the wet Kleenex. Because then the moment has passed and we missed the great photo. So I circle back and say it’s easier to remove a booger in Photoshop than it is to remove them from an actual child.

8) Twelve years in this job has given me a weird relationship with interior lighting choices. I only learned this when we did renovations to my house last year and the electrician started asking me what kind of lights I wanted in the kitchen. He suggested recessed lights and my knee-jerk reaction was to say NO! Definitely not! Why? Because they give people circles under their eyes, man. Doesn’t he know that lighting from directly above is super harsh? Yes, he explains to me… but see, it doesn’t really matter how you look when you’re cooking. It matters that you can see what you’re cooking. (Yes, thanks for asking, we did end up with recessed lights in the kitchen.)images-1I’m also acutely aware of the kind of warmth that comes from different light bulbs and how that impacts the colors and light in any given room. It’s possible Home Depot has never had one person return so many used light bulbs as this gal. (Did you know you can do that? Take a bulb home, see if you like the tone of the light it makes in any particular room, and then bring it back for a full refund (or an exchange) if you don’t like it? Even after you opened it? I mean, that’s good stuff. So yes, doing what I do has made me weird about light in my own home. Some might say obsessed. But that’s unkind. Let’s say weird. ;)

OK, that’s all I can come up with off the top of my head. My job has made me a little quirky. But they’re all quirks that come with the territory, and it’s quirkyness I can live with. For at least another couple dozen years.

Thanks for sticking this post out to the end. You rock for reading it all! Off topic, want a fall photoshoot? My calendar is available at this link, and my minishoot (which auto-correct is suddenly insisting should be called a manicotti) on Oct 4th has open times at this link.
Cilla - August 3, 2015 - 5:14 pm

Chuckled all the way through this. Loved it and wish I lived in the Boston area so my family and I could do a shoot with you in October!