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category: fall and winter, family photos, toddler
Charlestown Monument Family Photoshoot
12 20 2017

Charlestown Monument Family Photoshoot

This Charlestown Monument family photoshoot is all about making history. Making portraits of a personal history in a truly historic location...We've been capturing T since she was a newborn with the baby’s first year package...

category: family photos, new baby
Braintree, MA Lifestyle Twins Photoshoot
12 05 2017

Braintree, MA Lifestyle Twins Photoshoot

When I arrived for our lifestyle twins photoshoot at big sister M's house, she welcomed me in with open arms. Her new twin baby siblings H and A had arrived a couple of weeks before, but she was already a natural.M and A were...

category: family photos, news
Focusing Forward Houston
12 04 2017

Focusing Forward Houston

Last week I blogged about the fact that two photographer friends and I were headed to Houston to volunteer for Focusing Forward Houston, and that we'd be taking family photos for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.Before we left,...

category: news
Headed to Houston this weekend!
11 30 2017

Headed to Houston this weekend!

OK guys, the white board on the door of my office tells me I'm really heading toward the finish line!Tonight was a big milestone, I got down to single digits in my "left to shoot + edit" (so I have 4 family photoshoots left to...