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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2017 marked my 14th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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I’ve been taking photos of this fantastic boy since he was tiny – I think maybe these pictures we took when he was sixteen months old were the first time?

He and his pup Dixie are peas in a pod, absolutely.

These photos are from our session last fall and R’s mama has been perhaps the most patient person in the world waiting for the blog post. The crazy holiday season often means I am focused on getting everyone’s galleries posted and not taking the time to blog as much. But I’m trying to get better about blogging more regularly in 2017 – so I’ll post more soon, I promise!

Look at the fun these guys have together. They give me such joy every time.

And really, what’s better than an October day when the sun is shining and you can take the yoga ball outside and have your mom clock you on the head with it? 😉 hehe just kidding. Good times were had by all. No tears were shed. Honest.

As always, I love seeing you guys. Thanks for having me back!


  • Naomi
    Jan 30 2017
    Jess, Love this post -- and you! It was absolutely worth the wait. Thanks, Naomi
  • Claudine Blake
    Claudine Blake
    Feb 12 2017
    Love these photos! Can't believe how big R is getting!
  • Sue Aoki
    Sue Aoki
    Feb 12 2017
    I love this annual tradition! Cute as ever and so big!
  • Tobi Shapazian
    Tobi Shapazian
    Feb 12 2017
    Such great pictures...just love them!!!
  • Mary
    Feb 12 2017
    Beautiful people and photos!! Love, love...
  • Penny Brizzolara
    Penny Brizzolara
    Feb 12 2017
    I like the ones with Dixie in them!!! So cute!!
  • Mik
    Feb 12 2017
    Looks like so much fun
  • Jill
    Feb 12 2017
    We love these pictures every year
  • Christine Bouzan
    Christine Bouzan
    Feb 13 2017
    Awesome pics!! ?
  • James Harder
    James Harder
    Feb 13 2017
    Great photos Naomi! :)
  • Ruth Aoki
    Ruth Aoki
    Mar 08 2017
    Fantastic as usual! Jess is very creative!

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