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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Look who’s walking!

Roofdecks are really fun for pictures – and these guys with their apartment on Boylston Street were no exception. I love this first walking big boy picture in color so much, with that gorgeous yellow tree framing the red Copley Square Hotel sign…  Of course I’m also a fan of most of them in b&w — and the one where he’s feeding his puffs to daddy kills me.

What a fun year of shoots! I love that I got to see this guy three times this year. I can’t believe how quickly the time flew by. More information about my Baby’s First Year package is on my website here.

Squeezing on that new sister

Because squeezing a nearly six month old sister can’t be beat. And check it out… in two of the pictures you see here, we get one of my favorite things: a surprise belly button sighting. Oh and dimples. Pinch me. Divine.

(Oh, and I had to include a few color ones here, too – because the leaves are just sooooo killer.)

I loved getting time with you guys, thank you for having me!

Three having fun in the late afternoon sun

The colors outside make me have to blog in color once in a while this time of year.

(FYI – as always, families get every photo from me in both b&w and in color, but sometimes the late afternoon sun makes the light just warm everything right up and I have to show some color pictures on the blog and on Facebook, even though b&w will always be my one true love.)

So much fun to see you guys again – I can’t quite believe everybody’s getting so OLD (and um, I’m referring to the kids – because those of us who graduated together from Conn College just a few years ago aren’t aging a bit). The KIDS are getting OLD, though, man.

Oh, and I love the attitude on Ms. A. She’s killin’ it.

Grandpa and swiiiinnnnnngs

I spend a lot of time with families that I know really well – and I adore that. I’m so lucky to be invited back to families’ homes year after year, and to watch their kiddos get bigger and taller every year.  So it’s actually a rare fun treat for me to arrive at a new family’s home and get to meet entirely new kids and parents.  And sometimes we get a bonus granddad who’s willing to run around chasing kids in the backyard, too. Because what’s better than that?

Fall Public Garden Minishoot #2

I’m doing two minishoot days in the Public Garden this fall, and these guys were the second family of about twenty that I’m meeting there for fun running around. The first day (back in late September) I had a sold-out day of 11 families, and there’s another one in late October where we’ll have a load more. All the details about minishoot days can be found at this link on my site.

(Oh, and to streamline my process this fall, I’ve decided not to do blog posts for all of my shoots – I’m just going to do the shoots that people specifically request that I blog.)

So lucky me, these guys asked me to blog their session! I’ve know big boy D since he was a tiny newborn baby, and same with his gorgeous sis G. Now they’re both big runaround kids :) The public garden was fantastic for them and their energy.

North End adventures

I loved getting to play with these guys ALL over the North End a couple of weekends ago.  Little C was hosting his cousin from Chicago for a visit, which meant we got to get cousin playing pictures, which I always love.  Also, bonus for me – our walk around the North End included their favorite bread bakery, their favorite chocolate shop… need I go on…?

But we started at home, for a little quick playtime:

And giggles of course:

Then we literally RAN everywhere. Once in while these two stopped for a breath – like here, in a hiding spot that I loved:

The kids got a whirl on the merry go round:

Sisters got hugs:

Kids got wet in the fountain, because that’s AWESOME:

Giggles never stopped the whole time, of course:

And we ended up at C’s favorite chocolate shop, as I mentioned – and they even gave me one. DELISH.

Miss G agreed.

Really fantastic to spend this time with you all!


The 10 Year Anniversary: Phase 3b, The South End Gallery Show

I’m excited to announce that today I hung the 10 Years of Boston Baby Photos Gallery Show in another library! This time in the Boston Public Library’s South End Branch for the month of October. The press release for the show sounds really official. It says:

The gallery show celebrates 10 years of McDaniel’s work as a baby photographer, whose specialty is capturing warm, natural and spontaneous family moments. This show highlights her black and white photography, allowing the photos and the light to tell the story, from parents marveling at their newborn to a just-sitting-up-baby examining her tummy to toddler siblings giggling at each others’ antics. The gallery show is curated into ten thematic categories and features 100 photos.  
“Planning this show has been such a labor of love; it was a matter of digging through thousands of families’ photoshoots from the last decade, considering them as part of a body of work… by far the best part was remembering all these families having fun together,” said McDaniel, who photographs 160-180 families a year throughout the greater Boston area.  “I love that each family has a different story to tell. I know how important it is to tell (and show) these stories in my photos.”

This branch is located right smack dab in the South End, at the corner of Tremont and W. Newton Streets.

As you enter the library, they’ve kindly hung up my posters, and you can see a bit of the show through that first window as you enter… Oh, and notice in this poster that I’m doing an opening for the show next Tuesday night, October 8th, from 6-8pm.  I really hope you can swing by and join me for some wine and cheese. The street address of the library is 685 Tremont Street, Boston.

If you can’t make the opening, I hope you’ll stop by sometime between now and the end of October when the library is open to see the show.

Then, as you enter the library, you can catch sight of the show over the stacks…

The space is gorgeous, and the ten categories of photos look pretty spectacular on the walls.  Here are the first three categories that appear at one side of the gallery…

And then when you look left, you see the little table of marketing shtuff (next to the nice bin collecting the books that have been returned)…

And then when you come around the corner, you walk through the rest of the show, category by category…

This one was hard to get good photos of, since there were lots of people working around the show, and I didn’t want to bother them with my snap snapping pictures.  So I guess the best plan if you really want to see what it looks like is to come see me at the library on Tues, 10/8 between 6-8pm for the opening. Mmm… wine and cheese…