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June 2012 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

06 29 2012

The house where it all began

Back in the mid 70s a young couple bought this house - and I wonder if they ever imagined that more 30 years later, they'd stand out front with their handsome progeny all assembled like this: With just their...

06 28 2012

Everybody's in town, let's capture it!

Once upon a time, many years ago, two parents had two (what I'm sure were) fantastic little boys.  Then those boys grew up and married two fabulous women.  And then, would you believe it, those two original parents got...

06 26 2012

Tuesday tip: Just snap it.

Document family by just stepping back from a silly moment and snapping the shutter. You don't necessarily have to get all the faces smiling or even pointed in your direction... just capture the...

06 26 2012

What, you like my hat? This old thing?

You guys know I'm not really a "hat" baby photographer.  But when there's one just LYING around... and when a 9 month old sweetie feels like she's ready for her closeup in it... who am I to say no? Incredible cuteness.  I'm...

06 13 2012

Love, energy and sprinklers

Now about two and a half years ago I took pictures of this extraordinary big sister, but I did it at her grandma's house, as a surprise for her parents. She's a strong, amazing 5 year old with some special needs, and now she's a...

06 12 2012

Two STILL under two

Now you know these guys are close in age and their parents are rock stars for having them so close together when I'm back for a second photoshoot with the new baby (she's not even a new baby any more, big girl!) and we still have...

06 08 2012

Summer Beach Mini-session #2

This is the second of two minishoots I did at the beach last Friday - you can see the other one (and learn about scheduling your own minishoot day with your friends) here. And n0w I need a new beach hat. This one looks SOooo...

06 07 2012

Summer Beach Mini-session #1

This fun mama contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a shoot at the beach near her house, and, even cooler, she found a friend who was interested in doing the same thing.  This meant I was able to organize the two shoots as...

06 05 2012

Twenty six month old piggy toes

These two beautiful ladies turned six months old last weekend!  Look at their perfect little tushes and their gorgeous little bald spots :) Before I even get to the cute faces, I'm starting at the bottom. Gorgeous toes -...

06 05 2012

Tuesday tip: Follow them

Go with it. Skip the posing for a while. Follow the children and great moments will just happen.  You don't have to convince kids to be awesome, hilarious and adorable, they just are.  And sometimes the mailman shows up.  And...