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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Four months old and full of grins

Earlier this week I got to meet a lovely little lady.  She had some shy moments… (I just adore this one)

But she was full of grins most of the time:

Her big “brother” Howie adores her already:

The fuzzy hair is the best.

Mirror time with mama:

And toe tickles with Daddy:

Such a treat to meet your girlie! Thanks so much.  See you in a few months for her 2nd photoshoot :)

A&C - March 29, 2012 - 6:27 pm

Beautiful, Jess, thank you! You really captured our little fuzzy-headed girl. Looking forward to round two!

Tuesday tips: Put ’em in the cheesy clothes, as long as you still get some thighs in there

Come on, why not?  If it’s a birthday – stick ’em in the “Baby’s First Birthday” T-shirt for a picture or two.  Nobody’s gonna judge you, and boy does it help the aging brain when you’re lo0king back through the pictures and telling stories to fascinated children.

“Here’s you on your first birthday…” you can assert, confidently.  As long as baby’s got some killer thighs in the picture too. Gotta make sure you get some rolls in there. ;)

Tuesday tips: Play with the horizon line

Experiment with rotating your camera when you’re shooting (or do it afterwards, in an image editing program on your computer) so that the “horizon line” isn’t necessarily straight along the top or the bottom. Sometimes I think it makes people cock their head less when viewing a picture if I rotate the subject’s face so the eyes are more horizontal.

Another lick for a big beautiful girl

Before I show you this sweet girl getting licked by her pup (aka big brother), I have to show you my favorite one from this six month old photoshoot:

And now I won’t make you wait for the licking one.


Getting bigger every time, on her chaise…

Mama’s two babies:


Love this tender one, and mama’s eyelashes echoing E’s pretty eyelashes here… love it…


Loved seeing you guys as always!


Amy St. Angelo - March 8, 2012 - 1:22 pm

I love the big lick from her big brother Harry! These pics are amazing! Jessica – you sure know how to capture those special moments! Beautiful!

Kristen Krikorian - March 8, 2012 - 4:59 pm

LOVE the pics! She is getting so big and looks so innocent and precious! Her smile is a knock out! And Harry is so lovey dovey! Great pics!

Thrilled with being six months old

Even if the avocados were at the very end of the photoshoot, I have to start with them.


But other than during that moment, this six month old sweet guy had a great time during his photoshoot.


Playing with his toes:



This quiet moment is one of my favorites:

Fantastic fingers:

Glasses grab:

Wonderful seeing you guys again!

Lana - March 6, 2012 - 4:22 pm

Absolutely stunning photographs, once again! I think the first one should be in some sort of magazine! I am looking forward to ordering some and decorating my house with little J!

Two years apart, and she really IS good with him

People will often tell me how great their two year olds are with their new siblings, and it’s often true – there’s this wonderful fascination a two year old has with the baby who’s joined the family.  Their fascinated moments are often brief, though, and transition into more dangerous ones (squashing, poking… just general baby endangerment – all parents are familiar with it).  So it’s up to me to capture those brief moments of fascination.  This photoshoot was really fun for me because big 2 year old sister S (whom I met almost exactly two years ago for her newborn pictures) really loved investigating her new brother A.  She was curious and loving throughout the session…

But we did get to spend time with just S at the beginning:

And then A joined us:

Grinning right away with Daddy:

And gazing adoringly at S:

And a lovely, gentle look at his mama.  What a handsome boy!

We even got three generations of ladies:

With the blanket in her mouth – her most comforting lovey (which was purchased two years ago for her first photoshoot – I love stuff like that):

And one last squeeze of the hand before I let you go.  What a treat!


Marjorie - March 1, 2012 - 9:11 pm

This as as heartwarming as it gets. What fabulous pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Your children are simply beautiful.