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Sunday was an incredible day.  Not only were the leaves gorgeous as I drove around the Boston suburbs (Cochituate Road between Concord and Natick is not to be believed right now), but I had three photoshoots with three families I’ve been taking pictures of for years and then I ended up at Fenway Park for the last shoot of the day, my 1,000th ever.

My mind tends to wander as I listen to podcasts and drive around Boston from one shoot to another, and Sunday was no exception.  I thought about how happy my job makes me, how New England leaves are incredible and make such a cool backdrop.  I thought about the number 1,000, and how eight years can zip by in the blink of an eye.  I thought about how I had been excitedly tweeting and blogging about the 1,000th session coming up, and one friend/client wrote me saying “that’s 1,000 lucky families!”.  Such a sweet comment, but because I see so many of my clients over and over again, it’s not quite right… in fact, my fall shooting season is packed chock full of families I’ve known for years.  (Punctuated, wonderfully, by a newborn every once in a while, beginning the journey again.)

I only rarely take the time to count back, to figure out how many times I’ve taken pictures for any given family.  I’m having fun with numbers this week – looking back at these families over the years and thinking about when they met me.

The first family I worked with on Sunday wins the prize of working with me the longest out of the three.  Their first shoot was in October 2006, my 252nd shoot ever.  They’ve been faithful clients, coming back every year since then, as #443, #634, #809 and then Sunday #998.  Five years, and such a fun family.  Here’s a fun moment from Sunday’s shoot.  (Guys, I’m scheduled to edit your full session early next week – you should see proofs by Tues or so.)

Then there was my 2nd family of the day, another family I met in the fall/winter of 2006.  It’s been five shoots, five years for them as well – big almost 5 yr old E was just one when we met, in December 2006, my 289th shoot ever.  Then over those years they were shoot #494, and #660, and #831, and Sunday they were #999 for me.  And best of all? I got to meet E’s baby brother.

I had to grab this one to show you too, because look at that tree back there!  OK, the munchkins are pretty fantastic too, but the colors this time of year around here are so incredible.  A photographer friend asked me the other day if I’m exclusively a black & white photographer, and I told her of course not.  I love black and white for indoor baby pictures, which is, after all, kind of what started my whole business… and I love the simplicity of a black and white image.  But nowadays I always give my clients all their pictures in both b&w and color, even though I only blog the b&w’s – my first love.  Another photographer friend tweeted a great line recently, related to this.  He said “I dare you to take on B&W photography — stripping out the color forces one to be more articulate and to create stronger compositions.”  I love that thought.  I never could have said it as well as he did, but it’s a perfect sentiment for me.  And it makes me feel cool, as someone who spends a lot of time thinking about and producing black and white imagery.

(And I’m scheduled to edit the rest of your pictures early next week as well, guys – you should see proofs by Weds latest.)

OK, but on to the main event.  The last family I shot on Sunday was having their 8th photoshoot with me.  (See what I mean about not necessarily having shot 1,000 clients?)  The most incredible part for me was the location of the shoot.  Last week as I thought about this milestone, I wondered what I could do to make it special.  I wanted to celebrate, give the lucky family a free photobook to commemorate the session… but what could I do?  Then I got the email – there was a chance they might be able to do their shoot in Fenway Park.  They weren’t sure, but they were working on it.  I did a little dance.  Fingers hurt from crossing them… and it worked out!  We did it at Fenway.

Alan, the dad of the family, offered to take some pictures of me doing my thang, since it’s not every day you shoot in Fenway.  I handed him my phone and he got some great shots…

Thank you, Alan!  Here’s me (do you believe we got on the field?)…

And without further ado…

Here’s a full blog post celebrating #1,000.  Thank you guys so much for making it so special. Oh, but before I get into the pictures, I did your numbers too, because I know this part is just sooo fascinating for everyone.  Your first shoot with me was in May 2007, my #348th shoot ever.  Then over the years, we’ve had seven more sessions.  You were my #404th, my 517th, my 592nd, my 654th, my 730th, my 791st, and now…. drumroll… MY 1,000th!! Woooeeee!

Wait up, guys!

In the bullpen 🙂

I have you guys scheduled to be fully edited by late next week, Thursday the 4th at the latest.

Thanks again.

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