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June 2010 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

06 30 2010

A pile of three

I'm continuing my new plan of less verbose blog posts - letting the photos tell their own story.  This one in the big chair, O's tongue especially, is my favorite. Share this on...

06 28 2010

A big toothless sister and her new babe

I have a special place in my heart for sisters who are five years older than their little new sisters.  I am the big sister in this same arrangement in my family, and I have these really strong memories of my parents bringing...

06 28 2010

Two ladies waiting

These two little girls are waiting, waiting, waiting soooo patiently for their little sister or brother to arrive.  And I'm going to try a blog post with a lot fewer words.  Let's see how this goes.  I feel like the pictures...

06 27 2010

His first steps

Well I'm a little biased, because my Annie decided this past weekend after spending some time with this big one year old guy that he's her baby sister's future husband.  So I was honored to photograph him this weekend when he...

06 23 2010

Big smiling boy

As I go back through sweet 8 month old A's photos from last weekend, it's hard for me to find many where he's not grinning ear to ear.  I love this of him with his mama: And then this one with the whole crew - I love their...

06 22 2010

Giggles, trains and bubbles

It was really fun to get back to see this guy - the last time I saw him he was a little round chubby babe, and now he's such a big boy. See what I mean? A big bubble together: Completely and totally upside-down.  And...

06 21 2010

A lovely lady and her rat-tail

Remember rat-tail hairdos from the 80's? This sweet girl sports the most adorable one I've ever seen.  Well, I'm biased, because she's my college roommate's daughter, and I just adore every bit of her - but the rat-tail is the...

06 20 2010

That little dude can fly!

I think this one's my favorite from S's photoshoot last Wednesday - everyone's faces are so excited together: Big boy S playing inside: And this one looks like an ad for Thomas the Tank Engine, don't you think? A pretty...

06 18 2010

Mama and Daddy moments with the twins

Got some great moments with these sweet girls last week with their mom and their dad. Everybody had fun: With everybody else.  This one I just think is so pretty... And I've never taken pictures as a little one looked...

06 15 2010

Fun downtown

This one might be one of my favorite swan boat pictures ever - I love how L is picking up her little leg here, taking a huge step: Giving the (bronze, make way for) ducklings some snacks: What a pretty lady! Thoughtful...

06 15 2010

Happy Christening!

Instead of coming for this guy's actual Christening, we met the day before with all his extended family for some photos. But before I get into the formal shots, I just love this one.  This is big boy S, in one of his favorite...

06 11 2010

Still having a blast

I know, I know, most of my clients are still in diapers, or at least were in diapers a lot more recently than these three - but I love when I get a chance to take pictures of older kids - it's so much fun. Because we know this...