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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Some of my most long-running clients

I started taking pictures of these guys when big brother A was five months old. Now he’s five years old! Time flies – and I just love this sweet windblown moment with his sister L:
0254 by you.

Getting a squeeze from Mom:
0437 by you.

And a toss in the air from Dad:
0407 by you.

Here’s big Mr. A:
0531 by you.

And sweet girl L:
0505 by you.

I just looked it up, this was our seventh shoot! So much fun as always. Can’t wait for you to see all the pictures.
0379 by you.

Paula Gibbs - October 30, 2008 - 3:57 pm

As always they are gorgeous – so funny that I had marked down my favorites first and then went to your blog and all my favorites are there!! The two of them on the bench is ridiculous..LOVE IT. THANK YOU THANK YOU..I can’t believe it is our 7th shoot!!!

Girlie giggles

These girls had such fun together on their couch:
09963 by you.

And then we went outside, and they just had a blast playing:
10137 by you.

Giggling with mom and dad:
10100 by you.

Little M got a swing around from her mom:
10212 by you.

Big M did some twirls for us:
10183 by you.

And here are the two beauties together again:
10152 by you.

I loved seeing you guys again – hope we can get the girls together sometime soon!
10091 by you.

Playing in the leaves in ponchos

These sweet girls looked so cozy in their matching ponchos:
9513 by you.

They had fun playing in the leaves in their backyard:
9472 by you.

And little miss K has gotten so big this year! I did her newborn pictures a couple of years ago – and look what a big girl she’s become:
9482 by you.

These guys got the giggles with some lollipops:
9563 by you.

The giggles at silly daddy wouldn’t stop. Great to see you guys – all your photos are just about ready.
9553 by you.

Halloween costumes in my backyard today

We had about twenty cuties from my street in Milton (yes, we love our neighborhood – it’s kidfest) come over for costume photos today.

We had so many fantastic costumes – we had some construction workers:
2790 by you.

My girlie as a turtle:
2717 by you.

And of course two Disney princesses stopped by:
2961 by you.

Annie and her friend (from the top picture) did a switcheroo – she wanted to try the contruction worker look… perhaps if this had been her real costume we would have gone with pants, too… oh well.
2812 by you.

And a gorgeous astronaut:
2682 by you.

No party is complete without a Buzz Lightyear:
3002 by you.

And a homemade giant squid costume – so cool!
2703 by you.

A tiny little chickie:
2928 by you.

And Snow White, playing Peek-a-boo:
2921 by you.

A charm school witch:
2685 by you.

A grinning little puppy dog:
2773 by you.

And the firefighter look was popular with both boys:
2720 by you.

And girls alike:
2748 by you.

We had a Nemo and a Count Dracula:
2701 by you.

Isn’t this Nemo costume cool from the back? Another homemade one.
2723 by you.

And the Count, doing his best pose:
2755 by you.

Supergirl thought I was a little silly:
3057 by you.

Had to get a devil/angel shot, of course:
2879 by you.

A Backyardigan, of course – Tyrone:
2977 by you.

And last but not least, peace out! Forgive me if I didn’t post one of your little cutie – all the pics will be ready ASAP.
3050 by you.

Aiyana - October 27, 2008 - 11:36 pm

So sweet..! All the Halloween costumes are super cute and adorable.

One girlie with a huge smile

I took pictures of this little sweetie’s cousins last year, and got a chance to meet her (and her mom and her aunt) last week. We did a ton of great pictures of the three ladies together more posed, but as M escaped and ran away, this one was my favorite!
9421 by you.

Tossing leaves in the air:
9377 by you.

Swinging like superman:
9361 by you.

And taking some time inside to color:
9237 by you.

And even to take a break on her bed at the end of the shoot. We made friends – she wanted me to read her a book :) I loved meeting you guys, thanks for having me out.
9446 by you.

The beach in New England in October? Why not!

So we’ve been trying to find a time to take these pictures since this summer – and as time passed, we’d almost given up on the idea of taking the pictures at the beach. But lo and behold, last Sunday was unseasonably warm, so we lucked out and had a blast at the beach with these pretty ladies:
9028 by you.

They’re just so sweet together.
8988 by you.

I love how much fun they have together.
9130 by you.

And not many of my shoots include a fashion sunglasses pouting shot:
9113 by you.

And with their beautiful mama:
9133 by you.

And then at the end they let loose and went wading in the water – splashing each other and having fun. I loved taking these pictures, guys – a pleasure to see you as always!
9223 by you.

Two girls welcome their beautiful new sister

We got so many sweet shots of this family, more posed than this – but this one is my favorite. I especially love baby A’s expression here as her sister tickles her toes:
8919 by you.

And as my mother would say, in age-icological order… big girl C, who’s four now:
8946 by you.

And sweet two year old E:
8950 by you.

And little A, at just seven weeks:
8827 by you.

The three girls together:
8793 by you.

And when I noted (aloud) that little A wasn’t smiling as big as the other two, they both decided to help her learn. Hehe :)
So wonderful to see you guys and meet little A for the first time.
8811 by you.

Big girl, five months later

I met beautiful G back when she was just four months old – and now she’s a big girl with a strong neck and fantastic expressions:
8621 by you.

Some smiles with dad:
8653 by you.

Love to see the sweet fingers splayed here:
8608 by you.

Having fun flying up in the air:
8639 by you.

With her beloved pooch:
8596 by you.

And I’m normally such a side lighting fan – but this light is just gorgeous, isn’t it? Don’t they look like a family of models? Wonderful to see you guys.
8741 by you.

Three smiles

This handsome boy, along with his big sister M, welcomed a new brother a few months ago:
8478 by you.

Already a great smiler:
8574 by you.

And here’s beautiful big sister M:
8486 by you.

The handsome three:
8358 by you.

And such a perfect sibling moment – what on earth is my brother doing to my head?
Great to see you guys – congrats on your new arrival! All your pictures are just about ready.
8548 by you.

7 months old and super giggly

B loved it when his dad tickled him – aren’t the rolls the best here?
8191 by you.

And I’m in love with this shot for some reason – the light across his cheeks and around those fantastic arms is so pretty:
8226 by you.

A nice daddy moment:
8249 by you.

And I love how B’s face is totally obscured here – giving his mom a big smooch:
8263 by you.

Isn’t he a handsome little guy?
8317 by you.

I think this one’s my favorite family shot, though:
8256 by you.

But this one’s pretty nice, too :) Great to meet you guys – tell Emily thanks for the referral! All your pictures are just about ready – I’ll send you an email with details.
8341 by you.

Cousins who play together

I’ve taken pictures of both these guys before, but now I got to come back and see the cousins playing together.
7982 by you.

I love this of S – she looks so wise, doesn’t she? Like she’s really got my number?
8023 by you.

And B’s mom suggested we take some pictures under these sweet leaves in his side yard, and boy was she right – I love the light under here:
8101 by you.

Pretty girl climbing:
8038 by you.

And handsome boy swinging:
8004 by you.

And upside down with dad. It was great to see you all! Can’t wait for you to see the rest of the photos.
8120 by you.

More than two years later, a new addition

It’s so silly, I live less than a mile from these guys, and I haven’t seen them since O, who’s 2 1/2 now, was his sister’s age! I love this hug:
7751 by you.

And this toss from dad:
7817 by you.

Sweet girlie S needed some belly kisses from Mom:
7719 by you.

O showed me his driving skills:
7861 by you.

And S loved holding on to her toes:
7684 by you.

It was great to see you guys – all your photos are just about ready!
7841 by you.

Big girl with fabulous expressions

Little D’s aunt gave her mom a gift certificate this photoshoot about a year ago when she was first born, and her mom saved it until last week. I got to spend some time playing with D in her room – where she went from the sweetest smile ever:
7619 by you.

To, moments later, total breakdown. This is the BEST part of photographing toddlers – how hilarious (sorry D – not to laugh at your anguish!) it is when their moods change so uber-quickly. I’d love to see these two photos framed and hung together.
7623 by you.

Being a big girl on mommy’s knee:
7538 by you.

And outside swinging in her beloved swing:
7661 by you.

I love both their smiles in this one. Great to meet you guys – all your photos are just about ready!
7677 by you.